L.I.F.E Counseling Group, Serving the San Gabriel Valley

L.I.F.E. Counseling Group is a community of independent licensed and pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapists assisting those in the San Gabriel Valley. Our diverse collective of experienced clinicians focuses on creating a safe space for exploration, insight, and healing for individuals, couples, children, and families. Initially formed in 1977, our group continues to grow and transform so that we remain relevant, open-hearted, inclusive, diverse, curious, and creative. There is likely an intuitive part of you that knows healing and change is possible - Perhaps that's why you're visiting our site today. We would love to be a part of your healing and growth.
Meet Our Group

As therapists we believe strongly in a creative process. Our name - L.I.F.E. - is a statement about the creative nature of change, healing, growth, and transformation.

Learning - about who we are, why we are that way, what’s important to us, our strengths and weaknesses in relationships, what we want to change or keep as is, and how we choose to live our life is an important first step toward health, growth, and transformation.

Integration - of the various parts of ourselves can be the next phase. Like a conductor directing an orchestra, we can create harmony, cohesiveness, and clarity when we bring these disparate parts together with direction, compassion, insight, and inspiration.

Fulfillment - often comes after we know ourselves more deeply and authentically and have well-defined goals we feel we’re moving towards.

Essence - knowing, being, and doing what is important to us leads to purpose and meaning in life. These qualities form the essence of our existence.