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Colette Whitaker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #115309
Life Counseling Group
211 S. Primrose Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016

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When you felt bad as a kid who did you talk to? Was it easy to talk about feelings? Did you feel seen, important or acknowledged?

The way your needs and feelings were dealt with or possibly ignored as a child directly influences almost every aspect of your life today – relationships, communication, goals, and even self-image.

It’s likely a very intuitive part of you wants to make sense of something and believes healing and growth is possible whether that means: learning new skills for communicating, making peace with elements of your past, practicing tools to manage anxiety and depression, or deepening your connection with your Self. I look forward to hearing your unique story.

Relationship Struggles
Relational Trauma
Life Transitions

Until we meet, here’s an exercise: Complete the following sentences…

I see myself _______________________________________
Some ways I block myself are _________________________
I’m getting clearer about _____________________________
Some ways I can love myself more are ___________________
I’ve always known that ________________________________
When I accept myself just as I am I ______________________

About Colette: I grew up in a very large family of creative artists. A lot of big stuff happened over the years but no one never talked about it. Addressing issues from childhood in my own therapy inspired me to leave my 20-year career in the entertainment industry and devote myself to helping others. I’ll make it a priority to create a safe space for your feelings, beliefs, and thoughts to be expressed and heard. (ps: creativity and humor are welcome).